Acrylic on board framed, image size 127 X 184 cm

Locally inspired and featuring The Skillion top left.


There was a huge East Coast Low hovering off the coast, resulting in huge waves pounding the shingles north of The Skillion. The whole Haven carpark was full of vehicles with their wipers going and their occupants safe and warm and in awe of the forces of nature. Out of nowhere an old guy shuffled on to the beach. Spying a discarded rusty tricycle on the rocks he retrieved it, thinking he could use it as a reference scale to attempt a measure of the wave height, just as Hokusai used his sleek cargo boats as a measure for his famous Great Wave. The guy follows a retreating wave down to the bottom of the beach, positions the trike and turns to race the next wave back to the wall. In Goretex and gumboots he has none of the speed of his youth. All the vehicles are sounding their horns in alarm and just before he reaches the wall the wave catches him and knocks him down. Gumboots and pockets full of water, destroying my camera, I have missed my “money shot” and slink off the beach before the press can feature that” stupid GP from headspace” risking life and limb.


But the memories remain intense and I return again and again to those stormy seas.


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