John Butler

Expressionist Landscape & Figurative Art

John has lived and worked on the Central Coast since the 1970’s, combining his ‘day’ job as a medical practitioner with an exhibiting painting career. Drawing and painting since his youth he has a long exhibiting career with many solo and group exhibitions as well as some prize winners. When not making art John is usually found immersed in the landscape, by water, chasing fish and inspiration.

Artist Statement
“You want to paint?  First you must cut out your tongue…….so as to take away your right to express yourself with anything but your brush”.
Such was the advice from the master Henri Matisse… hence, I feel comfortable borrowing his words to explain my own feelings about what I do.

“starting to paint, I feel gloriously free, quiet, alone….. …   drawing is not an exercise of particular dexterity, but above all a means of expressing intimate feelings and moods…….colours have their own distinctive beauty that you have to capture, just as in music you try to capture the sounds ……..a  certain blue enters your soul….a certain red affects your blood pressure……..”

At 72, with my tongue still intact……. I feel I have been painting forever. Nature is my muse, but her rhythms, colours, moods are what I chase. A fertile imagination and a storehouse of memories provide the starting points for the act of painting, immersing myself in the surfaces as I would sail on the water or dive into its depths.

Curriculum Vitae
1950 born Melbourne VIC
1968-74 Studied medicine Sydney University
1977-2003 General Practice NSW Central Coast
1990 Diploma of Interior Design
2003-2009 Retired from medical practice and moved to Tasmania living, building & painting at Upper Esk and exhibiting at Gallery 1842 Launceston
2009-2021 Living in Terrigal NSW, working as GP at Headspace Gosford while continuing to paint
2021 June ‘final” retirement from medicine allowing more time for travel and painting

Group Exhibitions / Prizes
1998 Myall Paperbarks – Salon Des Refuses (Wynne Prize)
2000 Pool Of Reflection – Awarded Contemporary Art Prize Wyong (Central Coast Festival Of Arts)
2006 Black Fish Mountain Awarded Contemporary Art Prize Wyong
2007 Nightfall-Finalist Mosman Art Prize
2008 Midnight At The Oasis-Finalist Outback Art Prize
2009 Crossings(Bringing Them Home)-Finalist Gallipoli Art Prize
2010 Frank Hurley’s Angels At Retaliation Farm- Finalist Gallipoli Art Prize
2010 Home 3 – Finalist Anl Maritime Art Prize
2010 Just Enough Ink For Tomorrow – Finalist Gosford Art Prize
2011 Headscape – Finalist Gosford Art Prize
2012 The Dog Has Gone Missing – Finalist Gosford Art Prize
2015 Big Orange (Landscape) – Finalist Gosford Art Prize
2016 Portal – Finalist Gosford Art Prize
2017 Portal Ii (Dock Of The Bay) – Finalist Gosford Art Prize
2018 Drawing Room – Finalist Gosford Art Prize
2019 Dogwatch – Finalist Anl Maritime Art Prize
2020 Morning Walk (White Cliffs Winter) – Finalist Gosford Art Prize
2020 Stokers – Finalist Anl Maritime Art Prize
2021 In Flanders Fields – Finalist Gallipoli Art Prize
2021 Mateship (Hmas Adelaide) – Finalist Anl Maritime Art Prize
2023 Shadows On The Wind – Finalist Newcastle Maritime Art Prize
2023 Heroic Landscape – Finalist Gallopoli Art Prize
2023 White Water Dreaming – First Prize 5 Lands Art In The Open

Solo Exhibitions
2002 Leaving For Van Diemens Land – Pomona Road Studios Empire Bay
2007 Fugitives And Fables – Gallery 1842 Launceston
2008 Town And Country (Landscapes And Urban Myths) – Gallery 1842 Launceston
2009 Smoke And Mirrors – Gallery 1842 Launceston
2010 Lost And Found – Gallery 1842 Launceston
2011 Wild – Gallery 1842 Launceston
2012 In Sunshine Or In Shadow – The Design Gallery Terrigal
2013 Fragments And Dreams – The Design Gallery Terrigal
2014 Smoke And Mirrors – The Design Gallery Terrigal
2015 Waterways – The Design Gallery Terrigal
2016 Smoke On The Water – The Design Gallery Terrigal
2017 An Architect’s Dream – The Design Gallery Terrigal
2018 La Mer : Mistress & Muse – The Design Gallery Terrigal
2018 Pleading The First – The Design Gallery Terrigal
2019 The Road Less Travelled (Winter Into Spring) – The Design Gallery Terrigal
2020  & 2021 No Exhibitions Due To Covid
2022 The Shape Of Water – The Design Gallery Terrigal
2023 The Story So Far – The Shop Gallery Glebe

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